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Bullmerit is an Information Technology group with distinct Mining strategies in Cryptocurrency that aim to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns to investors, with a focus on capital preservation.

We were founded on the premise that alignment between a fund manager and its investors is crucial. Our business, and our funds, are structured and managed within this framework.


Bullmerit operates an automated online Mining platform with a team of professional traders focusing mainly on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies trading over multiple Exchanges and markets. Thanks to the extraordinary diversification of our Minings, we are able to deliver steady income for our investors. Thanks to our company, you can become an investor in the network without any specialist knowledge.

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We have a commitment to real, long-term returns for our investors. And we are proud that our Mining resilience has seen us deliver a growing dividend every year.


    Our mission is to provide quality guidance, build relationships of trust, and develop innovative solutions for our clients.

  • We offer a unique Mining model to people who want to use cryptocurrencies not only as a method of payment, but also as a reliable source of stable income

  • We are perfectly positioned to meet your unique needs while striving to exceed your highest expectations.

Our Advantages

Why we are the best

Funds Insurance

High-tech Mining management protocols, and providing the best insurance solutions based on impressive international experience in the field of similar services.

Time-tested reliability

Since inception, hundreds of thousands of people tell us about their successes achieved thanks to their cooperation with Bullmerit. This, for us, is very important!

Talented Team

We bring to the market a coherent team of highly talented professionals, financial experts, analysts and real professionals, who are masters of their trade.

24/7 Support

Thanks to the company’s online service, our staff are always in contact with our clients, paying individual attention to each.

Fully Licensed

Bullmerit is fully Licensed to operate in over 120 countries around the globe.

Profitable Mining

Our Mining plans are tailored to the level of your Mining opportunities.

Pricing Packages

Mining Plans

Net Profit


Total Return


Business Planning

Trust our local team of experts to guide and support your business operations through the maintaining of your accounts and with the provision of treasury services.

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Latest Transactions


Biden higgins $1000 16th June, 2023
Biden higgins $100.00 16th June, 2023
Blessing Okun $1000 10th July, 2023
Blessing Okun $100.00 20th July, 2023
Joe Steve $1,000,000.00 29th July, 2023


Francis Okun $120.00 30th July, 2023
Blessing Okun $60.00 20th July, 2023
Michelle Foster $260,000.00 27th July, 2023
Michelle Foster $130,000.00 16th July, 2023
Jurgen Peter $55,000.00 28th July, 2023

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Saul Goodman

Bullmerit's plans generates very solid returns. It has a very long Mining horizon, which fits well with a long-term Mining liabilities.

Mark Kewel

I invested $100,000 and received my Mining and profits as promised by Bullmerit. I invited my brother, and he also got paid.

Sara Wilsson

One thing I love most is the swift withdrawal process, I got credited within seconds I requested for withdrawal.

Joe Phillips

Got one million, four hundred thousand dollars including referal bonus. Thanks man.

Jena Karlis

I always been skeptical about NFTs but Bullmerit is a proof that NFT is very lucrative. Had a little issue signing up but was later resolved.

Matt Brandon

A team of professional individuals. Assisted me with every query I had. Took the time to sort and set up everything up for me.

John Larson

At first, I had no clue what bitcoin was and how it works but when I found out about this forum and invested in this area I understood why there's so much hype.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Create your own account to get started. It takes a few minutes to complete registration.

Are there any commissions upon making transactions on my account?

Bullmerit does not take any commissions on your transactions. But such commissions can be taken by the payment systems or payment aggregator.

Can I have more than one account?

No, you cannot have more than one account per member unless you were given a special admin permission to have more than one account. If you default by having more than one(1) account you are at risk of all your accounts and funds being suspended.

Is Bullmerit financial Mining platform available for the public?

Yes Bullmerit is available to both individuals and cooperate organization.

How can I close my account?

In case you wish to stop using your account, please contact our Clients support department via email info@Bullmerit.com


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127 Idaho Avenue .


+1 (601) 329‑0613

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